Numbers talk so I are going to give you some statistics about Tatra Climbing School:

  • I’m instructing and guiding the 8th season now.
  • I have organised and run more than a hundred climbing tutions already.
  • I have instructed and guided over 400 customers in the Tatra Climbing School (many of them are returning clients now).

Hopefully, these statistics, photos and a few great testimonials below will give you the confidence to book a fantastic course with us!


Claudio Rose from Mexico: “After researching several winter mountaineering courses, Tatra Climbing School came top of my list due to the depth and content of their programme.  From my initial enquiry, all communication was prompt, professional and helpful. The Tatras are an amazing location; the course itself is a game-changer. If you want to move beyond walking in the hills to the realm of mountaineering, this course is for you. Marcin and his staff explain and demonstrate key concepts and skills in a clear, concise and practical manner. I’ll be returning for the advanced course in the future.”
Tom Reader from the UK: “The Advanced Mountaineering Course is a well-designed
program that taught the skills necessary to feel confident about heading out on your own expeditions. Marcin and Lukas were patient and knowledgeable and took the time to demonstrate the skills until I was happy I understood. I’d recommend the course for anyone needing a refresh on their alpine/mountaineering skills or for people looking to step up from their winter (British) hillwalking. The environment is beautiful and challenging and you’ll have a great week. Thanks very much!”

Oskar Høy from Denmark:” I did the winter mountaineering course with Tatra Climbing School. I had a lot of fun with Marcin while learning, and my confidence with climbing gear and winter conditions has grown a lot. When you’re not climbing, you can enjoy the great food from the hut cook and have a beer with your climbing companions. The Tatra Mountains  are mesmerising and fun.”

Sophie Adams from the UK: ” I did the sports climbing course in the Jura region with Marcin and Basia and it was fantastic!  They were very attentive to every individual’s needs and I felt we each got lots of climbing in.  They were very good at selecting routes that were challenging and encouraged me to climb what I didn’t think I would be able to do.  My confidence grew so much over the week and Marcin is very expert at knowing how to build this up.  The workshops were very good and I always felt safe when learning about the knots and anchor points. The hotel we stayed in had a nice atmosphere and the staff were friendly and kind.  I definitely ate well during the week!  It was a picturesque area and the small town of Olsztyn is nice to wander about after climbing.  I visited the castle one evening and would recommend – it’s a nice park where all the locals come to hang out. This was a great course and I would look to go away with Marcin and Basia again!”

Matt Davis from the UK:” I had an excellent time in the Tatras, winter climbing and the whole course was run really professionally. Booking with Tatra Climbing School was easy and Marcin was always available to provide advice on our preparation. It was a great price and both Marcin and our instructor had real professionalism, skill and enthusiasm when it came to safety on the mountain. Brilliant course, the Tatras are stunning and the perfect introduction to alpine mountaineering. The food was superb and plenty – really important when trekking 15,000 steps a day! Really funny guys too!”

Chris Manlow from the UK:” My mountaineering course in Tatra was so much better than I could have hoped.  I have learnt so much and gained a better understanding of winter environment. The location is beautiful, the instructors are top quality and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I felt totally safe at all times, I can’t recommend it enough. I will definitely be back, no question about it! Thank you again.”

Mehmet Aydogan from Turkey:” I did sport climbing and trad climbing courses back to back this August. I was an almost complete beginner during the first day but ended up leading trad routes in the middle of the second week. Fantastic courses and professional instruction, great accommodation and fun fellow climbers. Thanks, Marcin!”

Chas Dryden from the UK:” Thank you for a wonderful time up in the Tatra mountains. I really enjoyed your company and loved the experience on a whole. I enjoyed getting out with yourself and having the chance to learn mountaineering skills in the beautiful scenery. I would like to thank Marcin for a wonderful experience up in the Tatra Mountains and hopefully, we will meet again someday.”

Marcus Betts from the UK:” I had an excellent time in the Tatra Mountains, the course is a very good introduction into winter mountaineering and set in a beautiful mountain range. Thank you!”

Tim Cruddas from the UK:” Marcin made an excellent first impression, showing great attention to detail, a personable approach and good humour to put us at ease. Whilst ensuring safety as a priority, he set up a series of climbs of increasing difficulty to ensure we were encouraged to push ourself to improve and realise our potential. The whole course was run in a relaxed and sociable way, but there was never any doubt as to Marcin’s professionalism. We all had a great time with Marcin. We felt that we got very good value for money and would recommend Marcin without reservation.”

Adam Weymouth from the UK: ” Thanks so much for a really great week in Poland. I was looking to develop my confidence in outdoors, and with lead trad climbing in particular, and that was exactly what I got. I’ve noticed a real improvement in my climbing since I’ve returned home. Great value and great people too. Thank you!”

Alex and Gary Britton from the UK: ” Jura is a great place for climbing with a real countryside feel. Plenty of crags all a short walk from the hotel with a range of grades, it could have kept us busy for weeks. Marcin will definitely get the best out of you. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there – thanks, Marcin!”

Susan Kennedy from the UK: “I thoroughly enjoyed my course in Poland. I hadn’t climbed for a while so it was great to get back on the rock and gain some confidence. Marcin was a great coach who is clearly passionate about climbing and cares for his clients. Being in his homeland was beautiful to see. I would recommend definitely.”

Iona Boulescu from Romania: ” We are very sad to go home !! If I think we were considering not coming…   Wow! We had such an amazing time 🙂 Special thank you to Marcin for all the patience, enthusiasm and for looking always for a new way to engage me and support my partner, Christian. We will be back as soon as possible … We loved it!”

Morten Hansen from Norway:” Being an experienced and particularly skilful trad climber, it was with some apprehension I went to Spain to do multi-pitch sport climbing. It would have been easy for Marcin to be single-minded in his way of teaching. However, he was very patient with an old dog like me, and took all my grumpy comments with a smile. He never stopped trying to teach me other ways of doing things. Thanks to Marcin’s cheerful attitude, it was amusing throughout. Even though I’m still not convinced about those prusik loops! Good company, good fun and very reasonably priced, I really enjoyed my trip”

Nick Sadler from the UK:” I went to Poland, Jura twice with Marcin last summer. We found the whole experience to be very positive. The course was well organised, the accommodation was great and the climbing really enjoyable.  Marcin’s tuition really helped us to grow in confidence and by the end of the second trip we were both leading climbs at grades we had only top-roped before.”

Guy Lapidge from the UK:” Marcin was an excellent coach, enthusiastic and helpful and pushing us on to set our sights on higher and harder climbs while always keeping safety in mind. Evenings were spent with good food, drink and company at the hotel (with climbing movies to get us even more pumped up for the next day!) or spent at local restaurants. The hotel staff were friendly and spoke good English. Accommodation and the quality of the food were excellent, certainly something I looked forward to every day coming back to base with aching arms… All round an extremely enjoyable and reasonably priced course – even taking into account flights and insurance – I would recommend to anyone looking starting climbing outdoors and wanted to pick up more experience under excellent supervision!”

Lilia Dvojanov from Germany:” Not long ago I went on a rock climbing course with Marcin. It was my first time doing outdoor climbing. I was lucky to have Marcin as my outdoor instructor, not only is he nice and easy to talk to, but also very competent as a climber and coach. He was very patient with me and adjusted to my pace of learning. He kept on encouraging me to try new things and strive for more and be bolder conquering the rocks.  I learned so many new things in just a few days (abseiling, belaying from the top and lead climbing) and not even once felt uncomfortable either on the rock or around the group. The fellow climbers were amazing! Very nice and funny and motivating each other. Big thanks here to Basia – Marcin’s wife who just kept on entertaining everyone together with Marcin in the evening while all of us were having nice Polish beer. I didn’t even want to leave, so good it was! I would always recommend going on a climbing course with Marcin. As for me I will certainly do it again- as soon as I can!!! “

Rachel Kent from the UK:” Just back from the August course and we have booked the flight for the next trip…It’s that good!! I started climbing two years ago at my local climbing wall and wanted to get as much time ‘on rock’ as possible this year.  I have been on the BMC ready to rock course and a trip to the Peaks and Southern Sandstone already but the amount of climbing on Yoora trip far exceed any else I have done before. Marcin is a great instructor very enthusiastic and knowledgeable of the area. I went with my climbing partner/boyfriend which was great but I would be equally happy to go alone. Marcin is an excellent host and took us to a local restaurant and bars after climbing. I cannot recommend this trip enough.”

Steve Screaton from the UK: ” I started indoor climbing 9 months ago at the young age of 48! I then wanted to make the move to going outdoors. And after an internet search found Marcin’s climbing school company and courses in Poland. What a brilliant move that was! The course was fantastic! Not only did I learn everything I needed to know to start my outdoor climbing adventure I did this in a beautiful part of Poland with a first-class instructor. Marcin’s coaching was outstanding and he looked after us all like we were part of his family. His enthusiasm and passion rubbed off on us all and we came back from the holiday fitter stronger and a much keener climber. I shared the course experience with 6 people who I didn’t know. We became great friends and since returning back home have set up our own climbing group and meet up and climb together on a regular basis. In a nutshell, if you want to learn rock climbing in a friendly, safe and fun way then don’t hesitate to book with Tatra Climbing School. You will not be disappointed! Yes, the price is no hidden catches! Thanks to Marcin I am now well on my way to reaching my goal of lead climbing a grade 7a on my 50th birthday!”

Stephan Garbett from the UK: ” I have just got back from travelling around Europe for 2 months and the best week by far this year, was with the guys on the climbing course in Jura! The only way to appreciate it is to go and do it. Great climbing, great company, great laugh. I have done a 2 day weekend climbing course with another organisation in Snowdonia before, which was great, but it is Tatra Climbing School which I would definitely recommend. For a similar price, with Marcin, I got up to 4 days rock climbing in Poland, a beautiful country, quality instruction and a superb holiday. I have come away with a whole new enthusiasm for climbing.”

Daria Murashkina from Russia: “Hi dear all. If you are here at the page looking through the feedbacks of climbers who spent their time with Marcin and still not sure if you should go – DROP NOW everything you are doing now and buy the tickets! 🙂 Before June’16 course I practised only indoor climbing and was impressed by the talented way how Marcin used my poor indoor skills to make me enjoy getting to the highest most picturesque rocks. It is not only about physical satisfaction, but more about deep moral feeling that you experience in his group. The course overall was very well organised. Till every tiny detail. You will for sure relax and get advanced skills 🙂 If I have a chance, would definitely repeat.”

Demetris Papakyriacou from Greece: ” I did a sport climbing course with Marcin in beautiful Jura, in Poland. I learned a lot of skills and Marcin was a really good instructor and went over the top to deliver what was beyond my expectations. He was very accommodating with my request to touch on multi-pitch technique as well. I recommend this course highly to anyone who wants to learn the skills needed to go sport climbing while enjoying the amazing scenery and beer that Olsztyn has to offer!”

Rita Hilla from Hungary: ” I did the trad climbing course with Marcin this summer. Our stay was well planned, including transfers, hotel, the course itself and our after course activities. Marcin is a very knowledgeable and passionate climber and an excellent and qualified coach. He combined theory and practice by means of workshops and practice on the crags and he made sure that everyone was confident in what they were doing. Everyone within the team had a different level of experience and Marcin adapted his course perfectly to ensure everyone had learnt plenty from the course itself and we all went home with a newfound passion for climbing. Marcin gave plenty handy little tips on how to improve our technique, explained the pros and cons of each method and helped with great tips on what to watch out for when buying gears.  Jura is a truly beautiful place and it was really handy to be only from a walking distance from the crags. The hotel was good, the staff were very welcoming and attentive and the food was really good and plenty.  I had an amazing time and met with some amazing people and can only recommend Tatra Climbing School to anyone who enjoys active holidays. I know I will be back 🙂 “

Darek Krawczuk from Poland: ” It’s a really good course, Marcin, it’s experience person, know how to motivate, encourage, and lead to achieve goals. He has been given me the right tips on how to prepare myself for trad climbing all week. It’s a pleasure to learn from him how to do the right things!”

Paul Smith from Poland: ” Just came back with my son from sport climbing course with Marcin and was an excellent adventure. Marcin was very helpful, taught a lot of good skills needed for the climbing we were doing and helped on the routes with tips and tricks to reach the top and climb better the rocks. My son also very much enjoyed and was very encouraged by Marcin to conquer the initial fears he had with outdoor climbing. He too now feels a lot more confident with outdoor sport climbing.”

Jo Hayman from the UK: ” I booked onto a sport climbing course with Tatra Climbing School in Poland and had an amazing time. Our instructor Marcin took us to some excellent routes and provided fantastic instruction and some top climbing tips. I made a great group of friends who I still stay in contact with and meet to climb. The value for money was very good and I would definitely recommend the company”.

Darren Longhorn from the UK: ” I went on a winter climbing trip in the Polish Tatra with Tatra Climbing School I thought the trip was excellent either for beginners or for someone like myself who needed a refresher and so very good value for money. The instruction provided was very clear. Obviously, there was a language barrier occasionally, but in some ways, I found this useful, as you had to focus and concentrate. I refreshed the things I had forgotten and learned useful new skills and variations. The hut was very good. Excellent food of the kind you need on such a trip! Tatra is a beautiful place, and I will return if I can.”

Aga Glazewska from Poland: ” I went with Marcin on a mountaineering course in Scotland. Although we didn’t have the best weather for the first two days, we still managed to cover lots of things and our brilliant instructor encouraged us to get out of the hotel and do other things whilst we waited for the weather to improve. On the last day, we actually climbed Ben Nevis which was an amazing experience. Marcin is very professional and caring person. He is always eager to help and share his valuable opinions. I would definitely go with him again and highly recommend the courses organised by him. If you are looking for people who are fun and passionate about mountains you’ve come to the right place.”

Veronika and Karol Kundrak from Hungary: ” We had our first climbing session with Marcin a few years ago and have gone on many outdoor climbing courses and trips with him since then, the last one being the winter mountaineering course in Tatra mountains which was an exhilarating experience. Marcin is very experienced and knowledgeable and great at coaching. Everything was well organised from transport, gear rental to adventure and nice food. We learned a lot throughout the course and also had lots of fun. These trips always bring a great bunch of people together, so we are looking forward to new experiences and meeting new faces soon. “

Anders Thormann Jensen from Denmark: ” Tatra Climbing School is just a great way to go on an educating adventure! I did 4 days of mountaineering course in the Tatra mountains. Marcin did a great job teaching and is really friendly and fun person. I love when it feels like you become friends in a few days, and that’s how it felt on this course. The way everything was done was amazing, and as I am planning to become a climbing instructor myself one day, it was a great inspiration to see how a good course is put together. Thanks for a lifetime experience! Hope to book another course one day.”

Tony Gascoyne from the UK: ” I went on my first climbing course in May 2015 in Poland run by Marcin. At the start of the year, I’d started bouldering with my daughter and really enjoyed the climbing when it came to my birthday I ask my wife for a climbing trip after looking at various courses I came across Tatra Climbing School and booked I was supposed to go with a friend but was let down so I went solo. It turned out to be a fantastic trip, the climbing was great and in 5 days I’d gain all climbing skills I’d need to continue to develop the skills for independent climbing. The course was great fun and the climbing in Poland was really good and perfect for a place for a first time climbing experience. Not only was it a great climbing course I also made some true climbing friends who subsequently have been on several independent climbing trips with. Marcin who ran the course was a great teacher who made it fun and gave you the tools to carry on in this amazing sport. I think anyone who goes on Marcin’s courses is going to have a great time and get great value for their money.”

Ruth McKinnon from the UK: ” I found the course enjoyable and helpful. Marcin was adept at maintaining a relaxed and fun atmosphere without ever losing focus on safety. The teaching was delivered in a clear and informative way with plenty of opportunities to practise on the ground and careful supervision once upon the wall. It has given us the confidence to sport climb outside independently. Marcin was also good at finding routes that were interesting and the right level of challenge.”

Jesse Sandoval from the USA: Arrived a beginner, left an intermediate! Marcin and his team were superb hosts & guides. I arrived with practically no outdoor climbing experience and was doing lead climb by the time I left. Not only was the one-on-one training very useful, I also felt I developed technical skills and learned safety procedures in the event of needing to back off from the route. The selection of venue was superb and I very much look forward to joining another course elsewhere in Europe.”

Andy Whitaker from the UK: ” The climbing course in YOORA was a fantastic experience! We managed to fit in a good 30 routes over the days with a mix of top rope and lead climbing and there were routes to suit everyone ability. Each day was a different crag with different challenges but we had an amazing group that conquered all of them! Marcin was a great host who made sure things never got boring and adapted the trip to suit us. He has a great deal of climbing experience and no matter what level you climb at you are guaranteed to learn something new. Poland is a beautiful place to climb and the food is fantastic, this trip has been one of my best climbing experiences and I wouldn’t hesitate to go again!”

Tobias Poppe from Germany: ” This was my second trip with Marcin. I went to Yoora and after I had a wonderful time on multi-pitch climbing in Spain.  He is warm-hearted and patient and makes sure that everyone has a great time. He looked after the group from the morning until the late evening. Marcin made sure that everyone was climbing at their potential albeit a mixed group of climbers. I have been climbing for 16 years and still learned a few tricks from Marcin.”

Vicky Laker from the UK: “Couldn’t praise Marcin enough, bags of passion and enthusiasm. Super accommodating and was climbing with me until the late hours so I was able to pack the most into my small trip. This was a spur of the moment trip and turned out to be one of my most enjoyable thanks to Marcin and everybody else that was there. Great rock climbing instruction, superb rocks and lovely food and people. A million thank you!”

Alexei Gofman from Russia: ” I went on a climbing course with Marcin in August 2014. The trip was well-organised and we were able to start climbing an hour after arrival. Marcin knew the location well and was great at setting up multiple routes of varying difficulty, so we were able to put in a very good number of climbs every day. Progression was also great – we were able to build up confidence and technique to do some fairly challenging routes on the last day. My climbing definitely improved – I was doing 6a/6a+ at Westway but managed a 6b+ the weekend after I came back. Not to mention the great food you can try in Poland.”

Marcin Siwicki from Poland: ” I went with Tatra Climbing School to Spain for multi-pitch climbing. Marcin and Tom are great. Not only do they take care of you on the rocks but they also provide entertainment after climbing. They are great instructors and climbing is their passion so when you are being tutored by them – the climbing skills really pass on to you. The location was a great choice, very scenic, sunny and high – we multi-pitch climbed walls about 150m tall. Apart from that, there are a lot of single routes of different grades so everyone will find something for him/herself. I’m looking forward to going on another trip with them again hopefully soon.”

Patrick Griffith from the UK: “Overall I was very impressed with the course including the organisation, accommodation, food, equipment and especially the instructor. I would definitely sign up to another course run by Tatra Climbing School again in the future. I was not expecting such a high standard of food and lodging. The quality of the equipment provided was very high and given that we had avalanche detectors and were trained to use them clearly safety is taken very seriously and this is good to see. Thank you”

Ping Li from China: ” Wow!!! I’ve had amazing days climbing in Poland and I’m already thinking about the next trip. The group that went was of similar climbing ability and we have all gained huge experience and confidence through what Marcin has taught us. I definitely feel that I am able to venture out climbing without supervision and be safe in doing so. Marcin started the trip on some gentle climbs then slowly pushed us a bit more as the days went by. Poland is a beautiful country and was a great venue to start my outdoor adventures. All in all, I’ve had a great experience and I would highly recommend Tatra Climbing School!”

Climbing in Cornwall

Cristal Escalade from France: ” My trip to Poland was amazing. Very warm people and beautiful country. The rock is amazing our teacher Marcin was superb and he not only taught me many things about how to improve my climbing but also how to commit more to a route and really truly enjoy the climb more than ever. I will definitely book another trip in the future. As a climber no matter how long you have climbed there is always something new to learn and an additional advantage is that the trips are very good value for money.”

Kathryn Pound from Australia: “Thanks for a great course! The Tatra Mountains are beautiful and I very much enjoyed the Polish mountain hut hospitality.  It was a great opportunity to learn a range of skills from a local expert. Lovely group of people too. I plan to do some further courses to build my confidence, and would definitely consider joining you on future trips at the beginner level – in Poland or elsewhere! I think the trip is good value for what you get out of it. You were also very helpful in the lead-up to the trip and responded quickly to emails. ”

Margaret Glancy from Scotland: ” If you’re thinking about a climbing course I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tatra Climbing School. Marcin has a background in teaching which was obvious in his ability to clearly explain the skills we needed for trad climbing such as setting up belays, abseiling and rescue techniques. Marcin is both a very good teacher and host and puts a great amount of effort into both which was much appreciated by the three of us on the course. Between him and the hotel staff, we were very well looked after. Thanks again.”

Helena Beeley from the UK: “I did the winter mountaineering course in Tatra – the area is beautiful and the accommodation is warm, comfortable, and reasonably priced. Marcin ran a great course and Łukasz is a fantastic mountain instructor. In fact, I liked it so much I’m going back for a second time!  Airport transfer all worked out great as well. Highly recommended.”

Brigid Baxter from the UK: “I had a fantastic time climbing with Marcin in the Jura in Poland this summer. We learned a lot about sport climbing and I was confident enough to put our new skills to the test shortly after I arrived home.  Marcin is an excellent teacher making our learning really fun and enjoyable. We were able to climb every day. Our accommodation was ideal with wholesome food and flexible meal times to suit us. Marcin and his wife Basia were perfect hosts, picking us up from the airport and keeping us entertained both at the crag during the day and during the evenings.  I would highly recommend Tatra Climbing School to anyone considering climbing outside for the first time.”

Leo  Shrimpton from the UK: “I really enjoyed the winter climbing course and definitely learned a lot. The organisation was superb and equipment was top quality. The instructors were very friendly and knew how to adapt everything to everyone’s ability. The Tatras Mountains are a beautiful place to climb and the accommodation and food were great. I will definitely consider doing one of your other courses in the near future! Thanks!”

Jess Duncan from the USA: ” It was great. While I already had some experience with winter walking, mountaineering and climbing I was always engaged, brushed up on some rusty skills and learnt a lot of new things. The teaching methods are very good, the itinerary is well balanced, and the accommodation was superb. I can’t wait to take another course with Marcin and his team! Thank you so much!”

Keith Nute from the UK: ” Thought you’re course was extremely professional, great fun and scenery spectacular. You guys were great as instructors and see both of you love what you do. Value of the course is excellent compared to Scotland and Chamonix. I think you guys are extremely good, I would be prepared to recommend. Cheers”

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