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Rock Climbing Courses and Private Tuitions in Stunning Polish landscape.

Poland is a great place to experience Eastern Europe. The country is developing at a rapid rate so now is a wonderful time to visit. In urban areas, it is not difficult to find any modern comfort. However, in the surrounding rural communities, it is still possible to get a glimpse of the “old life”. The people are friendly and proud. The cities are beautiful and historic. As far as climbing goes, most of it is in the southern regions of the country.

JURAPolish climbing paradise.

Jura – Jurassic Highland is located in southern Poland, between Krakow and Częstochowa and covers about 5000 square km. The whole area is full of beautiful hills with quiet valleys, old forests and fantastically shaped limestone rocks. The highest point is Castle Hill (Góra Zamkowa) – 516 m. During the Earth’s early years, Jura was at the bottom of the sea and there is plenty of evidence for this – especially fossils of some small sea creatures. Many of them are hidden in deep caves, which are other highlights of the region. The highlights of the region are medieval castles built on the rocks. They are the reason, the 165km long trekking path throughout the region is called “Eagle’s Nest Trail”.

Our climbing base will be in the village Olsztyn near Czestochowa city about 60 km from Katowice airport. The climbing routes are located just “behind the hotel”, within a minutes’ walk. Olsztyn has been very popular for a long time with more than 300 routes from 3+ to 8c+, on various rock formations. Long slabs, 30m vertical walls, overhangs and well-bolted routes are waiting for you. Most of the rock formations surround the ruins of a 14th-century castle which is also worth visiting. The surrounding area guarantees really fabulous views. Olsztyn is a tourist hotspot with good hotels, nice pubs and bars.

* Very affordable prices.

** Private giuding available.

** Professional guide/instructor.