Climbing courses in summer and winter conditions!

Mountaineering course in Tatra Mountains
Great winter condition in the Tatra Mountains – perfect for winter climbing.

A climbing course is an excellent way to learn from professional, experienced and passionate climbing instructors. We teach true, modern and efficient climbing and mountaineering skills. Our experience is based on years of climbing and qualifications. We will show you current best climbing practice, climbing equipment and methods!!! You will be put in real climbing situations and will have a countless of opportunities to practice. We have developed excellent outdoor climbing course program to maximise your learning time and give you real rock climbing experience. Become an independent, greater and safer climber by signing up for one of our excellent outdoor climbing course and winter mountaineering course. We are very flexible and can adjust to your needs in terms of dates, skills and content. You can book climbing course and enjoy climbing with others or you can book a private climbing session.

We are happy to organise an amazing summer and winter climbing course or holiday for you.

Climbing course in Jura
Stunning landscape from the top of Jura crag in Olsztyn.

Climb and chill out in Poland :)

Poland is a great place to experience Eastern Europe. The country is developing at a rapid rate. Now is a wonderful time to visit and explore Poland. In the urban areas, it is not difficult to find modern comfort. However, in the surrounding rural communities, it is still possible to get a glimpse of the “old times”. The people are friendly and proud. The cities are beautiful and historic. Our food is very tasty and we brew fantastic beer. Weather is usually stable with lots of sunny periods, summer is hot and winter is cold!


In winter we are inviting you to The Tatra Mountains! This is the main mountaineering region in Poland with many hiking trails and climbing routes. The Tatras are the Polish alpine mountains. Here you will find imposing alpine-style routes on dark granite, limestone and dolomite.  Located 100 km south of Krakow, they are easily accessible and are considered the best area for winter climbing thanks to great winter conditions.

Tatra Mountains winter mountaineering course or winter climbing course.


In the summer, we will take you to Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska. This is paradise for sport and trad climbers. Located more in central Poland, Jura is easily accessible from Krakow or Katowice airport. There are thousands of routes on limestone rocks surrounded by amazing vast forest. Most routes are very well bolted but there are still lots of opportunities to do trad climbing. The region is known for numerous medieval castles built on the rocks.

Jura sport climbing course or trad climbing course.

“We don’t just guide on the rocks, we teach how to climb them!”

Our passion is a commitment to help each individual develop their technical skills and knowledge within the area they are most interested. We won’t just show you, we will teach you how to in the best and safest way follow your passion for climbing and mountaineering. Your experience will be memorable and long-lasting, forming a platform for future personal climbing development. We are sure that after the course you will have a solid repertoire of skills to become an independent climber or mountaineer in the future.

We run climbing course and mountaineering activities with great care on well-established routes in pre-checked locations, providing and applying the highest standards of safety. Having suitable mountain qualifications, professional insurance and years of experience we ensure your peace of mind. We don’t work 9:00 to 17:00! After an exciting time outdoors we will make sure that you will be challenged by technical climbing workshops and lectures. All our customers have said that our courses are excellent value for money.

 Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We welcome you with open arms in Poland :)

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