Today in my post I will write about one of the most important climbing techniques.

In climbing, we need to go down (aka. abseil) from time to time. Let make sure we do that correctly. One thing you can not beat is gravity! This is my way and is often called ” abseil with extended belay device”. This system has plenty of pros and nearly zero cons:

a) make sure that anchor point is unquestionable in terms of safety and attach yourself with sling divide in 2/3 by an overhand knot.

b) thread your rope throughout anchor master point and find a middle of the rope.

c) tie knots in the end of each strand (stopper knot), throw a coiled rope down.

d) attach prusik knot (French prusik) to your harness belay loop and wrap the strands around your abseil rope, clip back to belay loop.

e) pull the rope up and slide the prusik down to check if prusik holds the rope.

f) attach your belay device to a bottom part of the sling paying attention to the correct orientation of it and put both ropes into the belay device.

g) bring the belay device and prusik up closer to the master point, make sure that prusik does not touch belay device.

h) check all screw gate crabs if locked, check if all is attached correctly, hold the ropes by one hand between prusik and belay device, unclip yourself from a master point using one hand.

You are ready to go!

Disclaimer: All climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions. If any of the technique, skills or advice presented on my blog are not clear to you, seek professional advice and instruction before applying them.

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