Private guiding will allow you to climb or ski and practice the skills you need at your own pace and time under full support of the local qualified English speaking instructor/guide.

A professional instructor/guide has extensive experience and deep knowledge of climbing and mountaineering. You will basically learn from someone who spent his life out there! He will know how to help each individual develop their technical skills and knowledge within a safe, structured and enjoyable environment. A climbing/mountaineering or ski tuition is the fastest and obviously, the safest way to improve your skills and understanding of climbing and mountaineering risk. You will climb and learn a lot and you will develop under the watchful eye of a passionate instructor and active climber, who will make sure that you will achieve more than you think was possible. A professional instructor/guide will build your confidence and enhance your skills. He will give you tips and advice and will open your mind and broaden your horizons. From experience, he knows many different ways to avoid problems or how to solve them. He knows how to train better and how to help you overcome your weakness. You will learn quickly – in a safe way.

climbing and mountaineering course in Poland

“We don’t just guide on the rocks, we teach how to climb them!”

Price: around €300 per day (depends on activity) 

Date to be agreed – drop me an email.

Location in Poland:  Jura Uplands, Sudety Mountains or the Tatra Mountains.

Location in Europ: Costa Blanca, Paklenica, Alps – min 3 days booking required.

Benefits of choosing a private guiding:

  • a great option if you don’t have time to commit to the full course.
  • the date of the course does not suit your plans.
  • you prefer individual tutoring as a form of learning.
  • this is the best way to learn new techniques/skills and maximise your time.
  • you already have some skills and just need to refresh them.

Private guiding is a quick and very effective method to enjoy outdoors and could save yourself a lot of hassle and nerves which you might experience when going alone.

What will I learn?

That depends on you! You can tell us what is most important for you and together we can design an excellent program. You can learn for example trad climbing skills, abseiling, sport lead climbing, building anchors and stances, ascending a rope, improve climbing technique, rope works for multi-pitch climbing, short roping for a glacier, crevasse rescue, ski touring skills, avalanche awareness etc.

Do you have any questions? – Contact us!

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