Trad climbing course will teach all necessary skills for traditional climbing where you need to place your own protection. We will teach you placing gear (nuts, cams, slings) building correct stances, organizing ropes and show emergency procedure. You become truly independent climber when you learn those skills.

Trad climbing course in Jura

Course price: €350

What’s included: 6+ hours of climbing every day, climbing instructions and workshops, all climbing equipment, evening lectures and movies.

Dates in 2018: 

6th May – 10th May (2 palaces available)

12th August – 16th August (2 palaces available)

14th October – 18th October (2 palaces available)

Trad climbing course program:

Day 1 (Sunday): airport pick up, check in the hotel, afternoon top rope and lead climbing and climbing movement technique.

Day 2 (Monday):  placing trad gear, building correct belaying stances, lead climbing with a top-rope backup, belay lead climb, evening climbing movie.

Day 3 (Tuesday): independent lead climbinghow to belay from the top and operate different rope systems (single/half-ropes), abseiling skills.

Day 4 (Wednesday): intro to multi-pitch climbing and more advanced rope techniques, solving problems skills, lecture about climbing.

Day 5 (Thursday): morning climbing lead session, lunch and drop off at the airport.

Please note that program is subject to change due to weather conditions or other factors. If you think you are not ready for this type of climbing course check our sport climbing course!

Where: Jura, Poland

Jura – Polish Jurassic Highland is located in southern Poland, between Krakow and Częstochowa and covers about 5000 square km. The whole area is full of beautiful hills with quiet valleys, old forests and fantastically shaped limestone rocks. The highest point is Castle Hill (Góra Zamkowa) – 516 m. During the Earth’s early years, Jura was at the bottom of the sea and there is plenty evidence for this – especially fossils of some small sea creatures. Many of them are hidden in deep caves, which are other highlights of the region. The highlights of the region are medieval castles built on the rocks. They are the reason, the 165km long trekking path throughout the region is called “Eagle’s Nest Trail”.

Our climbing base will be in village Olsztyn near Czestochowa city about 60 km from Katowice airport. The climbing routes are located just “behind the hotel”, within a few minutes’ walk. Olsztyn has been very popular for a long time with more than 300 routes from 3+ to 8c+, on various rock formations. Long slabs, 30m vertical walls, gentle overhangs, well-bolted routes are waiting for you. Most of the rock formations surround the ruins of a 14th-century castle which is also worth visiting. The surrounding area guarantees really fabulous views. Olsztyn is a touristic place with nice pubs and restaurants. You have to try Polish beer – you will love it.

Important information: 

  • Hotel price: I’m  happy to assist you in booking a friendly hotel. You will need to pay directly to the hotel after your stay an average price is €30 per night (breakfast and dinner included). I don’t collect monies up front for the hotel. You will have your own room with bathroom, bedding and towels are provided.
  • Flights and transport: You are responsible for booking your own flight to the place where we run our course. Flights to Poland are an average price of €120 return (check budget airlines Wizzair and Ryanair). Please book your flight to Katowice airport in Poland. I’m happy to pick you up at the Katowice airport. Krakow airport is also a possible option but you will need to take the train to Czestochowa. I can pick you up from Czestochowa. (*all prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.)
  • Experience needed: This is a more advanced level course. Some experience of outdoor climbing, the ability to lead and belay on bolted climbing routes are very useful if not essential.
  • The course is run by me personally. Instructor to student ratio: 1:2. Is recommended to come with your climbing partner if possible. Read about me more.

Why should I book a trad climbing course?!

A professional instructor has extensive experience and a deep knowledge of climbing and mountaineering. You will basically learn from the best. I will help each individual develop their technical skills and knowledge within a safe, structured and enjoyable environment. You will climb and develop under a watchful eye of a passionate climber, who will make sure that you will achieve more them you think was possible. I will build your confidence and enhance your skills. After the course, you could become an independent trad climber!

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